Interactive and visual enthusiast

I'm a visual entrepreneur and developer living in New York City. I love solving problems with design and making great ideas happen.


I like to lead. I don't mean the uber-bossy, power hungry, egotistical kind of leader that nobody wants to work with. I mean the type of leader that understands and respects people's talents and time; the kind of person that cultivates talents and cares about their team while still managing the needs of a successful business unit. That's the type of person I commit to being every day.

I'm a User Experience Developer at with a background in developing and managing advertising solutions with a positive attitude. I learned to dream big at Drexel University, studying visual communication and 3D animation. After authoring Social Graffiti, I really began to focus on how corporations and brands connect with their customers using web technologies and leveraging social media channels to encourage audience engagement. At, New York, I'm never at rest. As an advocate of interdisciplinary collaboration, I constantly look to identify newer, more efficient tools and opportunities to better the direction of the company while fostering a creative environment. When I'm not doing that, I enjoy impromptu paddle boarding, painting, tech, kickstarter, random walks through the city and manning a grill.